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Weirdest animals in the world

This world is a place hidden in various secrets. Because there are many things hidden in this world that we do not know. Today we wanted to make you aware of some of the animals that lived in the world that are invisible to your naked eye.

01.Fennec fox


03.Giant Isopod

04.Goblin shark

05.Golden poison frog

06.Pink fairy armadillo

07.Star-nosed mole

08.Irrawaddy dolphin

09.Hairy-chested yeti crab

10.Satanic leaf-tailed -gecko

11.Giant spider crab

12.Desert rain frog

13.The blue dragon

14.Proboscis monkey

15.Wolf fish


17.Boxer crab

18.Red-lipped batfish

19.Hispaniolan solenodon

20.shoebill stork

21.Slender loris

22.Sea pig

23.Purple frog


25.Andean condor


27.Northern bald ibis

28.Spoon-billed sandpiper

29.Tonkin snub-nosed monkey

30.Roloway monkey

31.Angonoka tortoise

32.Marabou stork

33.California condor

34.Puppy-faced saddleback caterpillar


36.Blue-footed booby

37.Mantis shrimp


39.Lowland streaked tenrec