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Ways to prevent Stomach bloating

The ancients had a strong sense of respect for food. They often ate food, even meditatively. Later, however, many struggled for food. All of this means the importance of nutrition. But there are many instances where the body fights against such vital factors as diet, carelessness, or a hectic lifestyle. Why is that? Some of the causes of indigestion are not digesting the food we eat properly. Food such as jackfruit, breadfruit, maize, corn, and peeled foods such as pumpkin and cucumber do not digest well, which is a major cause of indigestion. Also, overeating cellulose can cause indigestion in some people. But if you eat these foods well, you will not have a problem. In addition to dietary issues, these conditions can also be caused by digestive issues. The teeth in the mouth help to break down the food we eat into the pieces we need for digestion. Often people who have lost oral teeth have this problem.

What to do with the teeth Handing over to the stomach

Because the food is not digested properly, the stomach must contract more to complete the digestive process. Excess acid secretion then occurs through the stomach. Excess acid is a major cause of gastritis. Also, it is difficult to digest fatty foods. Lipase, bile, etc., are required for the digestive process. However, problems with the pancreas can be caused by heavy alcohol consumption, gallstones, liver problems, etc. It is effortless to fill the stomach, throat, etc. Also, intestinal problems are a significant cause of bloating. Excessive contraction of the intestinal muscles is one such condition. Stress increased digestion, and ingestion of partially digested food can all contribute to this condition. Many people suffer from bloating due to the increase in gas in the stomach caused by bacteria in the gut or the return of food to the throat.

Diverticulosis: This condition in which the wall of the large intestine protrudes. In this condition, the stool fills up in the nostrils, and the bacterial activity on it increases, and the gas fills up due to the increase in gas.

Prevention: It is essential to bite the food well. Adding fruits to your diet is an excellent answer to control problematic conditions. Tartaric acid, especially papain and pineapple, is an enzyme that is good for protein digestion. Fiber-rich foods are needed to facilitate defecation. But it is essential to chew such food well when you have such a problematic situation.

Smooth Bulky Stools – In addition, a person should always be mindful of the smoothness and size of the stool to get rid of these problems. That is, it is important to control the amount of stool that can be tolerated. Therefore, in order for the intestines to function properly, it is essential to pay attention to these factors as well. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water and add fruits to your diet.

Lazy Bowel Syndrome: Many people who suffer from these conditions tend to rely on laxatives to fear the disease or convenience after treatment. But this is not such a wise situation. This is because it can cause the gut to become lazy and not function properly. This can lead to bloating and further complications.

Diagnosis and Treatment – Endoscopy and ultrasound can diagnose these problems. Also, many of these conditions can be cured and controlled with medication and surgery.