Valuable Kitchen Secrets That Only A Few Know

Women spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s a big part of a woman’s everyday life, and she loses time to spend on anything she likes. One of the main reasons for spending more time in this way is disorganization. Suppose you have already decided what you will cook. In that case, you can reduce this unnecessary time wastage with a few simple organizational tasks such as knowing exactly where the chilies, onions, etc. are and if there are any nearby.

Today we bring you a few easy secret methods that you can use in the kitchen.

For cooking

01.Remove vegetable seeds quickly

Use an ice cream spoon to remove the seeds from vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkin. Due to the sharp edge and shape of the ice cream spoon, the bones can be removed quickly.

02.Remove excess fat from cooked food

If there is any unwanted oil in any of the dishes you have cooked, all you have to do is wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel and wipe it off several times to prevent it from sticking to the oily surface. The ice cube acts like a magnet, absorbing excess oil.

03.Use plastic wrap correctly

Now that our eating habits are mixing with global eating habits, many Western dishes have come into our kitchen. If you also use plastic wrap, keep the wrap roll in the refrigerator if you find it challenging to use the wrap. Famous chefs use this method.

04.Peel oranges easily

Peeling oranges or oranges is a real problem. Either the nails that keep her beautiful are broken or her twenties. Microwave for about 20 seconds before peeling an orange or orange. Then the bark peels off easily.

05.Peel a boiled egg and grate it

If you add a little soda or vinegar to the boiling water, the eggs can be easily peeled.

06.Get more juice from citrus fruits

To get more juice from citrus fruits, refrigerate them first and then microwave for 10-15 seconds.

07.Grate the soft cheeses

When making foods like pizza you need to grate the cheese. Thick cheeses are not a problem to grate, but soft cheeses crumble when grated. Refrigerate for half an hour before grating such cheese.

08.Chop the onion without crying

If there are tears when chopping onions, keep the onions in the freezer for half an hour before chopping. But do this only if you are cooking onions. If you use onions raw for something like a salad, do not do this method, it will make the onions crunchy.

09.When making pasta / noodles, stop the water from overflowing

If you have no choice but to put the pasta or noodles in boiling water, place your wooden spoon on top of the bowl. The wooden spoon prevents it from overflowing.

10.When roasting chicken

When roasting a whole chicken, keep it under the side of the chest and roast it. Because there is more meat in the chest area, this method can roast chicken quickly.

11.Parchment leaves for cupcakes

Usually, when we make a cupcake, we use unique leaves for it. But if you do not have these leaves in an emergency, you can use parchment paper instead. You can also use oil papers or even butter on half sheets.

12.The right way to heat bakery food

When a bakery dish is heated in the microwave, place a cup of water with it. Then the bakery food will not dry out.