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Suitable and unhealthy foods to eat before bed at night

In the last few articles, we talked about how sleep is essential to our lives and how good sleep can make our day successful. But there is more to talk about. Today we are going to talk about ten foods that are good and bad to eat before bed.

Whether you sleep like a baby until you wake up the next day or struggle with sleep throughout the night is directly affected by your dinner.

Unhealthy foods that should not be eaten before bed

01.Cheeseburger with bacon

This should not take this type of fast food and any kind of fast food before dinner. Their high-fat content loosens the gastric mucosa, which can lead to chest inflammation.


You need to urinate more when you use alcohol.

If you use alcohol, you may have to get up during the night and go out frequently, which can interfere with your sleep. Also, using alcohol before going to bed at night may increase your risk of snoring during sleep.

03.Dark chocolate

Chocolate and especially dark chocolate contains large amounts of caffeine and theobromine. These stimulate your nervous system and can interfere with sleep at night.


Due to chicken’s high protein content, your body can slow down the digestive process by up to 50%. Instead of resting on your body organs during sleep, you have to be strangely active in digesting the amount of protein you get. This deprives you of the ability to get a good night’s sleep.

05.Spicy foods

You should avoid foods that contain too much spice before going to bed at night. Excessive amounts of spices can cause heartburn and interfere with your sleep.

Foods to eat before bed


The magnesium and calcium in bananas help build muscle. This allows for a good night’s sleep.

02.Turkey meat

Tryptophan, a nutrient found in turkey meat, promotes a healthy night’s sleep. This nutrient can relax your muscles and improve your mood. This ability is only available if you eat turkey an hour or two before bedtime.


Like milk, it contains a nutrient called tryptophan. You can also get a good night’s sleep by eating milk. Breastfeeding may also be one reason why babies sleep better.

04.jasmine rice

Popular in Southeast Asian countries, this can eat this jasmine rice instead of regular rice to help you sleep better. These release glucose into your bloodstream very slowly.


The melatonin in cherries helps control the body’s internal clock function to some extent. This will also help you to get a good night’s sleep.