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Six harms caused by wearing headphones for a long time

Headphones are a tool that everyone uses today. There are a variety of unique headphones available in the market that are updated with the latest technology. We benefit from being able to listen to what others like without disturbing them. But, sound equipment is a tool that should be used intelligently. This is because human hearing is empathetic. It is not appropriate to think only of enjoyment. Your practices must be such that they do not adversely affect your health.

Doctors point out that listening to about 60% of the sound for 60 minutes is not harmful. But overdoing it can be detrimental to your health. As they point out, the following are some of the side effects that can occur if you listen to loud noise through headphones for too long.

01.Intense stress can cause headaches

Listening to headphones for long periods puts a lot of unnatural pressure on the head. As a result, the skull and inner ear area become compressed, and the person experiences severe headaches. Prolonged wearing of headphones can also be a severe factor in making migraine headaches worse.

02.Hearing impairment

The scientific explanation is that people over the age of 30 have a hearing capacity of 17 kHz (which is why they can even hear the sound of a mosquito). However, looking at the current situation, it is possible to identify how many people’s hearing ability has become significantly impaired at this age among the youth. The number of auditory cells in a human being at birth is about 15,000. However, if one of these cells is destroyed, it cannot replace them. Scientists point out that headphones are directly linked to the problem of the destruction of these hearing cells.

03.Ear infections can occur in the ears

Ear infections occur naturally in the ear canal. However, due to headphones’ use, the ear canal that comes out is blocked and deposited. This can cause blockage inside the ear. It can often lead to ear infections. When the headphones are inserted into the ear, they are pushed deeper into the ear canal, as is done with cotton buds. This can often lead to stressful situations such as earaches.

04.Vertigo occurs

It is not, but nausea that accompanies dizziness, which seems to be off-balance, is caused by earplugs in the headphones. Also, wearing headphones and listening to maximum volume can cause dizziness. When the earbuds on the headphones are held inside the ear, the inner ear’s nerve begins to be stimulated, creating an abnormal pressure inside.

05.Even in an environment of intense silence, your ears may begin to hear different sounds

This ‘tinnitus’ condition is the best example of how excessive headphone use can cause hearing loss. No matter how quiet the environment, it is natural for you to start hearing noises inside your ears. No definite cure has been found to remove the mysterious sound inside the ear. When using sound equipment such as headphones, the volume can be controlled can control the volume before the situation by minimizing the volume and time used.

Large and over-the-ear headphones are often worn, especially during exercise, as their sweat creates an environment conducive to harmful bacteria growth. Contact with these devices can lead to acne and even skin infections. The use of earplugs can lead to the accumulation of unwanted oil in the ear, which creates an environment conducive to bacterial growth. Wearing it over and over again can even cause ear acne.