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Plastic Soldier Review 2021 – What are the Plastic Soldier 172

What is the Plastic Soldier

Plastic Soldier sell plastic bags or buckets and often include different colors such as green, tan or gray.

They typically feature a variety of weapons from World War II to the present, often depicting the 1964 Vietnam-era M-16 rifle with fixed M7 bayonets. These include rifles, machine guns, submarine rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, grenades, flamethrowers, mortars, and bazookas.

They can also be radio men, binocular scouts, and miners. Traditional helmets are the old M1 “steel containers” style issued to U.S. soldiers from the mid to late 20th century. The typical tactics depicted are often 1960s M1911 style pistols, ammunition bags, and water cannons.

Troops sometimes pack tanks (often based on the M48 Patten tank), jeeps, armored hovercraft, semi-tracks, artillery, flags, military trucks, helicopters, fighter jets, landing boats, and forts.

Their vehicles are usually manufactured to save on production and packaging costs. Military men are considered toys. Historical and chronological accuracy is usually not a priority.

History of Plastic Soldier

Very Beginning

The first American plastic toy soldier maded in 1938 by Bergen Toy & Novelty (abbreviated Beaton). [1] When lead toys were discontinued in 1942, Beaton acquired other molds from Universal Plastics [2] that remained for sale. ; There are about seven images in a single or boxed set.

After World War II

Plastics production was considered an industry with growing potential, and many old and new companies produced plastics that were widely available in the United States. During World War II, U.S. military uniforms were generally sold in green after the war.

From the early 1950

From the early 1950s, Louis Marx & Co. sold box sets and accessories known as “sets” such as the “US Army Training Center” and later “battlefield” kits. The rival manufacturer, Multiple Plastics Corporation (MPC), sells plastic images with different accessories in different colors, so soldiers (farmers), farmers, pioneers or cowboys (brown), police officers (blue), ski trippers (white) and astronauts ( Different colors) or blue and gray American Civil War soldiers.

During the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, sales and availability of military toys began to decline alongside the unpopularity of the war [3] and the higher prices of plastic from the 1973 oil crisis. Since 1975 many manufacturers of plastic soldiers in Europe and USA closed, for example John Hill & CompanyReamsaLouis Marx and Company, and Dinky Toys.


Today most army men are made inexpensively in China and do not include the extensive accessories that were common in Marx playsets. They are also smaller on average, often not much more than 2.5 cm (one inch) high. Most of these figures are generic imitations of model figure sets from such companies as Airfix and Matchbox. They vary widely in quality.

In addition to army men, other inexpensive, plastic toy figures are also commonly available. Toy cowboys and Indians, farm sets, spacemen, knights, dinosaurs, firemen, police officers and other playsets are often sold alongside army men.

In September of 2019, BMC Toys, a maker of army men, announced that army women would be sold in 2020.[4] This announcement was made due to popular requests from female veterans and toy fans. The most well-known request is from a six-year-old girl who sent a handwritten letter for them to be made.

Types of Plastic Soldier

They are few types of Plastic Soldier

Plastic Platoon Toy Soldier WWII German Paratroopers Battle Of Crete Set


German Infantry Squad (1942)

Waffen SS

Airfix German Mountain Troops

WW2 US Infantry

How to create a plastic soldier

What can you do with a plastic soldier?

When you reading this article you getting main problem is What can you do with a plastic soldier?

very firstly need to mention these plastic soldiers are can use for two different purpose.

first one is you can play with them like when you are in battle field. you can play with your children and if will helpful for avoid phones from you children

also you can build good relatioship with your children. also I guaranteed you can enjoy this very well.

second thing is you can use this plastic soldiers as a showroom item. below I share few video what you can do with these tiny soldiers.

Is that good for your children.

Definitely this one good for you and your kids.

Playing with these toys can be a lot of fun for you and your kids.

And for some, as a kid gets older, he or she will outgrow this.
And the child will have a great bond with you. That bond is very good for the child’s future.

How to impact this plastic soldier to your child mentally health

The main thing is to increase the bond between the child and you.
Then the child will understand that you are with the child. And the child stays away from the phones.

The best thing is that the child is able to work collaboratively. And the child realizes that he is not alone and that he has you. The gap between the child and you are narrowing.
The child’s confidence increases
It will also make it easier for you to understand and develop your child.

How to buy Plastic Soldier

You can buy this beautiful toy of your choice from the link below.
And have more fun at a lower price.

I hope you order this today and make a small investment for your child’s future.

Thank you .. Have a nice day..