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Nine places around the world that only brave travelers dare to visit

We plan our route very carefully before we go on vacation and learn as much as we can about where we are going. Different people go on vacation for different reasons. Some seek peace and quiet while others want to challenge their fears face to face. However, not everyone has the time or money to go everywhere they want. But if you find the time to read this article you will go on a small but very interesting journey.

So today we bring you about 9 amazing places in the world that only brave travelers dare to visit.

01.The Chapel of Bones

The church is located in Aurora, Portugal and is one of the most famous monuments in the city. The church derives its name from the inner walls, which are covered with human skulls and bones.

02.Hoia Forest

Hoya Forest is located in Transylvania and is famous for its variety of mystical stories. According to legend, the forest was named after a shepherd who once entered the forest with animals and disappeared with them. No signs of assault were found.

Many researchers say that they experienced fear and that they were frightened and that they heard different voices while in the forest for all unexplained reasons. Some of them are convinced that they saw a UFO there. Others are believed to have encountered ghosts. None of this is hard to believe, despite the fact that there are photos that claim to capture these events. But is there a better place for this to happen than in Transylvania?

03.The Hill of Crosses

The Hills of Cross is a holy land in Lithuania and is a mountain with a large number of crosses. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but some estimates put the number at 50,000 in the ’90s.

This site is not a cemetery. But more and more crosses appear there because people believe that you will be lucky if you put a cross on the mountain. There is no exact information about the reason and time of the formation of the mountain first.

04.El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey in Spanish for “King’s Little Pathway”. It is a concrete construction with steel rails on the rock. This route is located between the Choro and Gaitanejo waterfalls in Malaga, Spain, and is located very high above the ground. The road is 1.8 miles long and 3.2 feet wide.

It was built in 1905 as an auxiliary route for workers building the dam. The road was used to go from one side of the valley to the other. At the inauguration ceremony, Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, walked on it and named it “King”.

 05.Hanging coffins

Sagada is very attractive to tourists as this area was once part of the ocean. Now there are many caves that many foreigners visiting the Philippines want to visit. In addition to the caves, there are many rocks in Sagada where coffins can be seen hanging on one. It is not a very pleasant sight.

Hanging coffins is a very old tradition and coffins are carved out of pieces of wood. After burying the deceased inside, the coffin was placed in very high mountains (up to 380 feet) or in caves. According to legend, mountains are a ladder between the earth and the sky.

06.The running of the bulls (Spanish national tradition)

Ensiro is a tradition and you have to run away from files that have been released without a purpose. This is still a popular pastime in many villages in Spain. The most popular Enzero is held in Pamplona during the San Ferman Festival.

The road is about 0.6 miles long and everyone is welcome to attend. After the firecrackers explode, Enzero starts and then releases the bulls and the participants run away from them. You do not have to run full distance. So if you feel you are in danger you can hide somewhere.

07.The Capuchin Catacombs

There are more than 8,000 people buried in Palermo, Italy. This place is one of the most famous mummy exhibitions.

By the end of the 16th century, the number of Kapuchi monastery workers had increased and they needed a larger cemetery. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the place became a luxury for the burial of clergy and bourgeois families. It was not until 1882 that the catacombs were officially closed. No one has been buried there since.

08.Shipwreck in the Solomon Islands

This place is an unnamed area for ships as it has an underwater coral structure. In 2000, the Liberian ship World Discover was stranded near the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. No passengers were harmed, but the ship became home to fish and other sea creatures as there was no way to save it.

09.Car Cemetery

This place looks like a new zombie movie promotion. But of course it is a real place in Belgium. According to urban legend, after World War II, American soldiers left and left their cars in the woods. Years later nature was conquered and the forest consumed cars.