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Mistakes When Giving First Aid

First aid skills are something that everyone needs in everyday life. But if you do not know the right way to do it, the wrong methods you use can worsen the situation of the victim. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the common mistakes that many people make when giving first aid.

First :

  • Make sure you are not in a dangerous situation.
  • Examine the injured person’s pulse, breath, and cornea. In severe light conditions, the cornea of the eye should be small.
  • Warning! If the injured person does not show life signs, give artificial respiration (CPR -cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately.

01.In case of severe blood loss

  • The main mistake: applying a brake that prevents immediate bleeding.
  • The first thing you need to do is stop the bleeding. This is why you should apply a clamp to the artery closest to the wound. Next, use a compressive bandage with a sterile cloth. If it is a deep wound, wrap a cloth around it and place a tampon with an application. A tourniquet should be applied only in an emergency. It should be used as close to and above the wound as possible.
  • Important: Do not forget to loosen the brake and tighten the artery for about 10-15 minutes every hour. Then re-apply the brakes and leave them on for no more than 30 minutes.

02.In case of nosebleeds

  • The main mistake: tilting the back of the head.
  • Let the person sit and tilt the head down to allow the blood to drain. Then press the soft part of the nose with your fingers for no more than 10 minutes. To prevent vomiting, the person should spit out all the blood that comes into his mouth.
  • Necessary: Do not block the nose with cotton swabs or tampons. It should only be done if the bleeding has not stopped for more than 15 minutes. In such a case, seek medical help immediately.

03.In a state of hypothermia

  • Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature drops to a hazardous level because the body degrades faster than it produces.
  • The main mistake: rubbing snow/ice, oil or Vaseline on the body so that the body temperature rises too fast.
  • First, bring the person to a warm room and cover the frozen body well. Make sure he is wearing dry clothes and wrap him or her in a warm blanket. Give that person sweets and hot food.
  • Necessary: Never try to treat alcoholism. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, causing more heat damage.

04.Cardiac arrest

  • Cardiac arrest is a condition in which the blood circulation stops suddenly due to the heart’s inability to pump blood effectively.
  • The main mistake: to give the same treatment to any older adult.
  • An adult is given an indirect message using his hands: the thumb is pressed against the chest with the arrow’s palm pointing towards the person’s chin or feet. The same process is done for young children, using the whole palm instead of the hand’s sole. But when doing an indirect message for a baby, you should only use two fingers.
  • Necessary: You should only give this type of massage when the patient is lying on a flat surface.

05.In a burn

  • Major offense: removal of clothing and bursting of the seams.
  • To help a firefighter, you must first lay that person on the floor and try to put out the fire with your clothes. But that’s only if your clothes are not made of flammable materials. Then call a doctor immediately. If it is a minor burn with tissue damage, rinsing with running water for about 20 minutes is essential. Wrap the area with sterile bandage and place ice or other cold material on it. When all is said and done, call a doctor.
  • Important: If it is a severe burn, give the person salt or mineral water.

05.When something gets stuck in the throat

  • The main mistake: using the Heimlich maneuver for an unconscious person.
  • If a person is obstructed due to obstruction, lie down on his / her lap with his / her hands on the floor. Then apply pressure to the person’s costal arch (lower part of the chest consisting of the last angle). Then turn the person aside and remove the foreign substance from the mouth that caused the entrapment with your fingers covered with a cloth. If a small child gets stuck, bring the child to your left with your head down (if you are a left-handed right-handed) and hit the outside with three strong blows. Then grab it by the legs and lift it so that the head is down.
  • Important: If you are using the Heimlich technique for a pregnant woman, do it just above her buttocks.

06.At a crossroads

  • The main mistake: trying to put the bone back in place.
  • Only an X-ray can accurately detect how the bone is dislocated. So the only thing you can do as first aid is to help the person keep the accident site still. Do not attempt to bend the spot. A flat, narrow object can be tied to the damaged area and adjacent joints to keep it moving. Bandages can be applied along the length to avoid bruising. If such an object is not found nearby, the hand should be tied to the body so that it does not move, and the leg should be connected to the other portion so that it does not move.
  • Necessary: Avoid wearing bandages too tightly as blood circulation should be expected.