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If your hand feels numb like this find out the causes of this disease

Numbness of the hands is one of the most common ailments today. Patients who seek treatment for other ailments also frequently complain of numbness in the hands and fingers. There are a number of possible causes for this condition, the most recent of which is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. According to Ayurvedic medicine, this is a condition that is considered as a type of rheumatism. It has been found that the symptoms of a median nerve that travels through a certain structure in the wrist joint can cause symptoms and that the nature of the person’s job may also be involved.

The median nerve, which supplies nerve impulses to the fingers, especially the big toe, middle finger, and part of the thumb, travels through a carpal tunnel associated with the wrist joint. It is bordered by ligaments and passes through this cavity to the muscle tendons and median nerve. The pressure inside this hollow structure causes the tendon to contract for some reason, for example, as the daughter gathers or increases. Is pushed. Then the symptoms begin to appear.


This is not a sudden illness but a symptom that can be exacerbated by a series of symptoms that interfere with daily activities. Occasional tingling sensation on one side of the thumb, thumb, middle finger and index finger. (Tingling Sensatian) Inflammation and numbness are the most common symptoms of this condition.

This is especially the case with patients who experience pain in the arm that interferes with sleep at night and that the discomfort is avoided by keeping the arm hanging down. In addition, the inability to grasp something by the hand and the difficulty in doing so.

Causes of Numbness: There are various causes for this. Presence of a thyroid hormone abnormality (Hypothyrodism) or a chronic condition such as diabetes. Obesity is caused by the deposition of fat in the tissues surrounding the tendon tract, which causes pressure on the tendon. Damage to the tendon in the event of a fracture (trauma) from an accident to the wrist joint. It can also be caused by a growth of flesh or fat outside the nerve pathway (lipoma) or by increased pressure in the cavity. It is not uncommon for the above symptoms to develop due to nerve damage, especially during pregnancy, as fluid may accumulate around the nerve pathway. This condition often goes away after childbirth. Often there is a connection between a person’s occupation and the onset of symptoms. For example, writers, machine operators, and especially those who work frequently with vibrating tools are more likely to fall victim to such situations. Impact on Women Also, housewives often engage in daily activities such as squeezing and hand washing, which are associated with increased wrist function and stress. When the hand bends and expands at the wrist joint, there is a change in pressure in the space where the tendon travels. This pressure change puts pressure on the tendon if it engages in any activity that occurs frequently. Therefore, such activities should be minimized by using activities that minimize the impact, such as resting at least once an hour, exercising the wrists and fingers, and massaging to prevent such problems. It is also important to always keep your hands in the correct position.

Pre-preparation can help prevent the risk of developing this condition from day-to-day activities as well as help control existing illnesses. Treatment The specific symptoms and special diagnostic methods shown here can easily make a diagnosis.

Modern scientific methods of administering painkillers, injections (steroid injectios) are performed here, and a simple, surgical procedure is performed to reduce the pressure on the tendon. Ayurvedic medicine uses very effective treatments for such conditions. It is possible to cure this condition without going for surgery. In this case, the treatment is based on the primary rheumatology and the treatment system determines the cause of the disease. Externally, medicated oils are essential in addition to internal medicine treatments. Successful results can be obtained with simple treatments such as ointments, plasters and ointments. Wrist braces for the wrist joint can be used to control the movement of the hand and control the pressure on the tendon to avoid discomfort to the patient. If left untreated and uncontrolled for a long period of time, this condition can lead to muscle wasting and weakening of the tendons, so consult a qualified physician as soon as symptoms appear and seek the necessary advice and treatment.