Here are six easy ways to stop acne

Are you also suffering from acne?

Acne mainly affects the face. It removes toxins and toxins from the body.
But sometimes we get so upset that we get acne on our face.

Have you ever wondered why acne occurs?

Acne can have many causes on the face.

  • Having dirty skin.
  • Having oily skin.
  • Stress.
  • Presence of bacterial infections in the body.
  • This can be caused by the consumption of hot and fatty foods and hormone activation even in adulthood.

So can’t these be made better?

Why not? Could. Medications prescribed by doctors are often based on hormonal activity or strongly activated antibiotics or chemicals. They can be successful, but here are some tips on how to get rid of acne at home beforehand.

01.Daily habits

The first thing you need to take care of is to take good care of and protect your skin. Also, if you clean your skin regularly, there is no chance of getting acne. But do not overdo it. Removing the layer of oil on the face can cause the skin to become dry, so it is best to do just about anything.

Because of this you,

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face.
  2. Do not wash your face more than twice a day.
  3. It is best to use a facial cleanser with cold or hot water when you wash your face.
  4. Always keep a dry clean towel to moisturize the face.
  5. Avoid rubbing your face too hard.

When you wash your face, using the cleansing mentioned above can easily remove dust, oil, and cosmetics from the face’s skin. Also, consult your dermatologist about the use of retinoid ointments and products containing bronchodilator peroxide. If you use cosmetics, it is also worth considering the use of salicylic acid.

Also, be careful about using “noncomedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” cosmetics when choosing cosmetics. This is because these topical creams prevent acne scars on the face and prevent acne scars on the face.


Honey is a natural antiseptic. Applying it to the face for 10-20 minutes can reduce the appearance of bumps on the skin. Also, if possible, add some cinnamon powder to the honey. Then rinse.


Take a piece of cotton cloth and put it on the cleansed acne wound soaked in lime juice.
Go to sleep after the face is dry. Due to the plant nutrients and acidity in Dehiwala, the bird can dry out.
Not only that. Take a small amount of cinnamon powder, about a quarter of a tablespoon, mixed with lime juice and apply on the face before going to bed and wash your face in the morning. This will help the acne to dry out.


Please put it in a pot of hot water, put your head on it and slowly expose your face to the steam. (Be very careful when doing this because the steam is hotter than boiling water.) Do this for a while, and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not forget to moisten your face with a clean towel.


Acne can sometimes be caused by inflammation of the face. That’s when the sweat and dust on our faces started to cause acne. But if you can put something like ice on your face [for those pimples] at such a time, both the pain and swelling in those pimples will be relieved.

06.Gram flourĀ 

Take two tablespoons of honey, a little bit of yolk, and three tablespoons of pea flour, mix it well and apply it to the face. Wash off the pack after it dries on the face.