Here are 11 bad habits you should not be aware of

Just think how many things we do without our attention while we focus on other work throughout the day? This is what we call habits. Getting rid of clutter may not be easy, but children who are accustomed to sucking on your fingers when you are a child often find it difficult to break free. Getting rid of such habits is not an impossible task.

It is important to get rid of some of the habits that we are accustomed to because some of these habits will inadvertently harm you. Today we bring you details about 11 such habits that unknowingly harm you.

01.Frequent touching of face and chin

When we sit at a desk, work, read a book, or watch television, we focus on the task at hand and forget what we are doing. A lot of people do this work and get face-to-face from time to time. Squeezing acne. Frequent touching of the face can easily deposit germs on your face. This can greatly lead to acne and other infections. Also, this habit makes your skin more prone to wrinkles.

Also, holding hands on the chin while working may interfere with blood circulation in the area. It also increases the risk of developing double chin later on.

02.Sit with feet on top of each other

How does keeping your legs together hurt you?

This posture can be very harmful to those who suffer from or are at risk for varicose veins. This interferes with blood circulation and can lead to many other health problems.

It also interferes with blood flow to the genital area and genital area and can lead to various sexual dysfunctions and diseases. This posture can also cause back pain due to undue pressure exerted on the lower back area.

03.Brushing the hair after bathing

Most people are accustomed to combing their hair after bathing. But, wet hair is weaker than dry hair as it does not dissolve. Therefore it is more likely to break down quickly and easily.

Instead of wiping your hair hard after bathing, gently pat it dry and allow it to dry naturally. Once completely dry, comb the hair from end to end.

04.Watching TV while sleeping

How many times a day do you watch a play until after midnight, thinking you’re just going to sleep watching this? Most work with modern technology. Young people are now less likely to watch soap operas for hours on ordinary television. Instead, many people are tempted to watch a series that they can watch at once. While these are good, the downside is that you get to watch them all the time without stopping

The blue light emitted from TV and computer screens is very harmful to your body, especially at night. These may go into the inner layers of your skin and activate free molecules. This reduces the production of collagen which keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.

Many dermatologists say that this can be very serious. Some say that the use of infrared creams can reduce the damage. But the majority opinion is that it is useless. So the best thing is that you get a good night’s sleep at least before eleven o’clock at night.

05.Using a mobile phone before bed

This is a job that a lot of people do. And the problem is that everyone is aware of the harm of this work and will continue to do this.

The production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep and causes drowsiness, is reduced by the blue light on your cell phone. Melatonin is usually secreted with the onset of darkness. When melatonin secretion is reduced, you do not get a good night’s sleep. You may not feel sleepy. But your body feels it well.

This can cause minor cosmetic problems for you, but it can also cause great damage to your endocrine system and immune system.

Show that your mental strength is stronger than your bad habits, avoid using the cell phone before going to bed at night.

06.Apply sunscreen only on the face

People who care about their appearance and are trying to protect their body know that you need to protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen. But most people use sunscreen only on the face. Apply sunscreen all over your neck, arms and areas not covered by clothing.

07.Make-up while setting the eyebrows

Every time you remove an eyebrow with a tweezers, it causes a small shock to your body and also allows germs to enter the body. Avoid applying makeup as soon as the hair is done, as germs are more likely to enter the pores of the face when the hair is removed.

It is best to wipe the skin with a mild disinfectant. Be sure to clean your makeup every 2 weeks. Infection can also be caused by dirty tweezers. So be sure to clean them too often.

08.Applying oily skin powder

Perhaps you are applying a powder to get rid of the oily texture on your face. Then stop doing it immediately. Otherwise, the pores on your skin will close and acne will start to appear.

First wipe the oil off your face with a blot paper and then apply the powder. If you do not wipe the oil off your face before applying any makeup, the dirty oil on your face will be deposited on your face beneath the makeup. It increases the risk of acne and infections on your face.

09.Using Scrubs

Did you know that many of our favorite types of scrubs that we actually use are not approved by cosmetologists and dermatologists? Misuse of such scrubs not only increases the production of oil on your skin but also dehydrates the skin. The best solution is to switch to products that contain glycolic or lactic acid.

10.Chewing gum

This is not good news for those who really love chewing gum. Excessive chewing gum changes the shape of your jaw. In fact, this can happen in the short term or in the long run. It is difficult to even repair the wrinkles caused by the change in shape.

Well known dermatologist Joel Schlesinger suggests using a freshener like mouthwash as a substitute for chewing gum.

11.Take a hot bath or shower

Bathing or bathing in hot water on cold days is very healthy. But taking a bath or showering in hot water like this often is not good for your skin. The result is the same as burning out the skin. It damages the natural balance of your skin. It causes skin infections, allergies, dryness and itching.

For this, skin experts advise that if you take a hot bath or shower, do it at a very low temperature, reduce the bath time, apply a moisturizer on the skin surface after bathing, and apply a gentle lotion in the bath.