Here are 10 tips to make life easier for most people

Our body is an amazingly complex machine that is sometimes difficult to control. Some things like hiccups or hiccups seem to happen spontaneously but can’t be controlled? Today we will look at some tips on how to control your body if you want to avoid difficult situations.

01.Do you want to prevent kiwis? Then press the skin on your nostrils with your fingers

When the skin on your nostrils is pressed, your brain receives a warning signal and brakes other reflexes, including kiwis. Conversely, if you want to go to the kiwis and can’t, look at a bright light.
If our recommendations do not work for you, try to be optimistic. There is a woman who has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for going to Kiwis for 976 days.

02.To hear better, close your ears

You may have laughed at this. When you are in a club or concert, the music is loud and you do not hear your friend talking. Then you close your ears and turn the other ear towards your friend.

03.If you are worried about something, suck your thumb

This reaction can be explained by synovial nerve stimulation, which slows down your heart rate and lowers blood pressure. If you feel anxious while you are in a public place, press your index finger firmly.

04.To stop the hiccups, put an ice cube on my tongue

Everyone has their own solutions against hiccups. Extend your tongue and press ice on it, or swallow a lump of sugar. Cover your ears with your hands and drink a glass of water from a drinking tube in one breath. Or bend over in a basin and drink from it.

If your hiccups still do not heal, you may end up like this man. He has been suffering from hiccups for 68 years but is married and has 8 children.

05.If you have pain in the right side of your body while running, breathe in while stepping on your left foot

The same rule applies when your left side hurts – breathe when you put your right foot on it. Gently massage your injured side.

When you run, blood flows to the working muscles. Without proper heating, when the blood does not circulate evenly, the liver and spleen overflow. These organs then begin to push onto the great diaphragm.

06.If you want to wake up early, hold your breath

When you do this, your heart rhythm speeds up and sends a command to activate your body. But do not overuse it. The sudden awakening of you is a serious stress to your heart. For example, it is not recommended for men to exercise 2 hours before bedtime.

07.Are you suffering? Take a pencil between your teeth

The secret is simple. When you hold a pencil over your teeth, the muscles involved in making you smile work. Relevant impulses are sent to your brain through the nerves and it begins to produce endorphins. In the end, you will smile normally.

08.Activate your super memory with a rosemary plant

If you want to learn something by heart, the best way to do it is to use the hidden potential of your memory. Learn to smell rosemary at night, this simple trick will help you to memorize the required information faster and with better results.

09.Shake your head when your leg is numb

Do you remember that unpleasant feeling when your leg or arm was numb? But all you can do is wait until it subsides. Next time, try to shake your head at those unpleasant moments. It relaxes your muscles and eliminates the “pin and needle” sensation within a minute.