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Changes in your body within ten hours of applying nail polish

We all know that regular use of nail polish is not suitable for the body. But nail polish is in great demand among women. The honest story is that when nails are removed, women’s hands and feet stand out beautifully. At least most people think so.

But applying nail polish can cause the nails to dry out and turn yellow. There is no need to stop using nail polish all at once. But reading this article will help you to reduce the need to apply nail polish often.

What is the main danger of applying nail polish?

Nail polish is dangerous because it is toxic. Some modern nail polishes contain the following chemicals. Some of these are very harmful to your health.

  • Toluene : A liquid called Toluene protects the pigment in the nail polish and gives it a soft, beautiful finish after applying the nail polish. This can affect the central nervous system and cause complications in the reproductive system. It can also cause headaches, weakness, dizziness and nausea.
  • Formaldehyde: This is a colorless gas that helps nail polish last longer. Exposure to this chemical, especially in people with allergies, can cause skin inflammation and chemical burns. The most severe condition is that this chemical interferes with heart rhythm and causes seizures and cancer.
  • Dibutyl Рhthalate: This is used to create odors. This is a hazardous chemical that can cause endocrine disorders, diseases related to the female reproductive system, and shortness of breath.

Scientists using a team of 24 women have found that more than six hours after applying nail polish, more people have increased diphenyl phosphate levels, a metabolite of tryptophanyl phosphate produced by diphenyl phosphate. Ten hours later, it was observed that the diphenyl phosphate level in the body of all women was seven times higher than usual. This is a hazardous situation.

However, if you want to use healthy nail polish, the following marked products may be less risky.

  • “5-free” – These marked nail polishes do not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalates, and camphor.
  • “3 – free” – These do not contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

Also, when buying nail polish, pay attention to the ingredients in it. Remember that your health is in your hands.