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21 Unique tourist destinations around the world

We usually spend our vacation visiting a beach or other recreational area. But some people like to visit memorable places. For those of you who like that, we have collected information about 21 unique places in the world. There is no doubt that you will be a different person when you visit these places.

01.Mountaineering (China) – For those who want to prove their bravery

The most dangerous mountaineering site in the world is located on Mount Hua, near Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China. Narrow planks that are not covered by fences are designed for hanging in this abyss.

02.Troll Wall (Norway) – For those who have long dreamed of jumping BASE

According to legends, these rocks were the pets that lived here. Even today you can still find trolls in front of the wall. Most of them are only in the form of souvenirs. This place is popular not only for tourists but also for scenic photography and base jumpers. This boulder is considered the most difficult object to jump on the BASE because it protrudes about 50 meters (164 feet).

03.The Glass Walkway (China) – For those who have conquered incredible heights.

From the Third Bridge in Hunan, China, you can cross the abyss along a transparent layer. Named the “Calling Dragon”, it is surrounded by a 1.4 km (4,600 ft) high mountain. From the bridge you can see a road with 99 bends.

04.Troltunga (Norway) – For those who want to overcome the fear of heights and take some great photos.

It has an unusual slope of 604 meters (1,982 feet) above sea level. The Norwegians say that the shape of the slope is similar to that of the trolls mentioned in the legends. This is why this place got such a name. The most courageous people not only stand nearby but also jump out.

05.Kejarag Plateau (Norway) – For those who like to practice balance.

Many tourists go to Kjaragbolton not only to see the spectacular George views but also to see the famous Kjergbolton, a famous rock that is stuck between two vertical granite walls. You can go there even without mountaineering equipment. But keep in mind that the depth of the abyss beneath the rock is 1,110 meters (3,640 feet).

06.Diving with Sharks (California, Bahamas, Cuba, Australia) – For those who like to swim with big toothed predators and pet them

You can see how the shark moves, and when they reach it, they open their powerful jaws and pull the fish straight out of their teeth. You will not miss the shark’s attention either. When you look at it you can see him swimming above you. They look directly at the camera when you take a beautiful photo.

07.Manta Diving (Bali) – For those who are not yet ready to meet sharks

Bali is a great place for diving. Its swimming will be comfortable for beginners as well as experienced divers. Giant sea monsters (manta) are not a threat to humans. But they will amaze you with their size. It is the largest flatfish, measuring 4-4.5 m (13-14.8 ft) long and can swim near you, above you and below you.

08.Ensiro (Spanish) – For those who like to run fast

It is a custom of the Spaniards to escape from the corals by specially freed bulls, cows, or calves. The road from Coral to the city streets is about a mile. Barriers made of wood in the form of strips all over the road will help you escape from the bulls. All you have to do is climb under them or crawl.

09.Wonderland Amusement Park (Dubai) – For those who want to experience the wonders of the heart

Among other fun things in Dubai you will find an amazing track that dates back to 1996. In Wonderland you can have fun with the waves of the 3 feet high river. Or head to Wonderland Water Park Pool.

10.Volcanoes (Nicaragua) – For those who are lazy with the usual waves

Surfers can climb a volcano and slide on a thin layer of gray plywood or metal. The dangers of this sport are falling, cutting from volcanic ash particles, poisoning by gases, and burning from the hot lava that comes out of it. But no problem if you use safety gear.

11.A cradle in the sky (Alps) – For those who like a cradle

There is a very unusual annual festival in the Italian Alps. Everyone in attendance pulls out of the cocoon and ties a cradle above the Monte Piana Park. The Daredevils, who attended the event, called them lazy because they spend most of the day crawling in a cradle about 100 meters above the ground.

12.Walking on a very high place (Toronto) – For those who always like to walk outside a building

Anyone can walk on an average 356 m / 1,168 (115 storey) high TV tower. A special security system is attached to the structure of the CN tower, allowing visitors to walk up and down the stairs.

13.Jacob’s Well (Texas) – For those who promise not to explore the bottom of the cave

The unusually underwater cave is 4 m (13 ft) in diameter and has also been found to be one body of water in Texas and Wimberly. The water travels dozens of meters from the vertical rocks of the cave and then into underwater chambers that branch in unknown directions.

14.Madidi National Park (Bolivia) – For those who want to measure themselves against nature

The uniqueness of this national park is that everything here is literally dangerous. Every living thing in this place has developed its own toxins to survive. Here you will find venomous moths, ants, snakes, bears and wild boar. They sometimes attack people. The most endangered species are the botfly and Dermatobia hominis. There was at least one boatfly larva somewhere on the body of all the members who went there. Rays and poisonous water are abundant and even plants and mushrooms have poisonous leaves and seeds.

15.Caminito del Rey (Spain) – For those who are not looking for easy ways

This route is located between Choro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls in the Spanish province. The road is very high above the ground and is 3 km (1.9 mi) long and 1 m (3.3 ft) wide. Most people prefer to travel this route. You can’t travel here without straps and safety equipment.

16.Jellyfish Lake (Palau) – For those who have a jellyfish as a totemic

The lake is located in the Rock (Palau) Archipelago and is famous for its two species of jellyfish. They are called the Golden (Mastigias Papua) and the Moon (Aurelia). In the absence of many natural enemies, jellyfish have doubled in size. In addition, they have lost fecal cells to their tentacles. This is why the lake is so popular with divers and tourists alike.

17.Alnwick Poison Parks (England) – For those who love prohibitions

This is one of the public parks adjacent to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. But the most important difference is that there are many dangerous plants in the world that can easily kill a human. About 100 forbidden plants grow behind the black gates in the garden and are used to make medicines. The main task of the park is to make people aware of how harmful and dangerous drugs are. The guides explain this in great detail.

18.The Devil’s Pool (South Africa) – For those who are no longer satisfied with hotel swimming pools

It is a natural pool located on the edge of the famous Victoria Falls, which is 1,800 meters (5,905 feet) wide and 108 meters (354.3 feet) high. During the dry season (September to December), when the river level drops, tourists can swim without fear of falling into the abyss. There is a guide near the pool and they go to the water and show you what is a better place.

19.Sliding on the water (Brazil) – For those who can not think of life fast

Insano is a Guinness World Record-breaking slide at Beach Park. Its height is up to 41 m / 134.5 feet. By comparison, it is slightly taller than a 14-story building. It takes about 4-5 seconds to fully slip and the average speed is around 105 kilometers per hour.

20.Cliff camping (Alps) – For those who are more lazy than sleeping in bed

Not for cowards, even for a night out. But it is often accompanied by every adventure. 40-50 feet from the ground you can see an amazing view in your tent.

21.Water Sliding (USA) – For those who want to have fun with amazing and heartwarming

KaPau Plummet is located in Whitewater Branson, Missouri, USA. The attraction of the water ride is two 240-foot slides that launch motorcycles into a 70-degree waterfall and plunge you into the water after a free fall of 26 feet per second.