17 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Foods You Know

We all know that food is one of the basic human needs. There are many food cultures in different parts of the world that have been around for a long time. In a country like India, there are different food cultures for each province. However, many of us have limited traditional knowledge of these foods. That’s why today we bring you 12 facts you didn’t know about 12 foods you know.


You know, there are many types of chillies in our country. We are talking about raw chillies. You usually think red ripe peppers are more spicy than green peppers, right? But that is a misconception. The severity of the chillies depends on their size. Smaller chilies are more spicy than large chilies.


Aloe vera is an unbelievable fruit. Because a well-ripened nut may look bad in a minute.

03.One more thing about avocados

Never let birds eat avocados. They like it. But avocados are poisonous to birds.

04.Oreo Biscuits

The geometric features on the Orio biscuits are a variation of the Nabisco logo. But some believe it resembles the Lorraine cross carried by the Knights Templars. However, many people today see it as a four-leaf clover.


It has been found that as soon as you eat a banana, you are more prone to mosquito bites. But the reasons for this have not been found yet.

06.Water in a bottle

When you put the water in a bottle into a glass, the water does not fall all at once and escapes down the mouth of the bottle. This really sounds like a joke about gravity.

07.Bottled drinking water

You have bought as many bottles of drinking water as you can from one nation. But did you know that the water in these bottles is different? Because inevitably the water of two water sources is different from each other.

08.Food coloring

Food coloring causes hyperactivity in children, especially if it is a red or yellow food coloring.


Generally we know that coffee is called coffee beans. Coffee is actually a berry, not a bean.

10. Tea

You should never drink tea that is not fresh. Drinking such an old tea can cause allergies in the inner walls of the stomach. There is a saying in Japan, “Tea made yesterday has snake venom.”


Honey is something that never expires. Tests have shown that a bottle of honey, discovered by Howard Carter in an Egyptian pyramid in 1922, was already edible.

12.Camembert Cake

It is said that this type of cake should not be eaten on any other day except on the day of its use.


When placed in a bowl of water, floating eggs are unsuitable for human consumption. The reason is that over time, gas accumulates in the egg. So the eggs float in the water.

14.One more thing about eggs

You have seen something like red pieces when you break an egg and put it in a jar. It’s really a blood clot. This is due to the age and diet taken at the time of laying hens. This does not mean that the hen is not healthy.

15.Sauerkraut prepared from cabbage

The sourness of sauerkraut doubles your body’s ability to process fat and helps you lose weight.


If you eat a piece of dark chocolate before your meal, it will raise your glucose level. Also, even if you are very hungry, this will prevent you from overeating, satisfying you but stopping you from overeating.

17.All foods

Of all the dishes, the most delicious is the one for dinner.