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14 Tourist places you can’t go alone

The world is different. The people who live there and the various places in the world are very other. We all want you to go, watch them, and experience them.

But we can’t visit all those places. Do you like mystical places, ghost forests, or lonely places that cool your spine? Are ancient legends yours? If desired, here is the opportunity.

01.“Doll Island” in Mexico

According to legend, a girl drowned in a canal near the island, but her soul did not find peace. A doll was found near the place where the girl died. A doll was found near the place where the girl died, and it is believed that a collection of such dolls was started to please the soul of the girl.

02.Bomerzo Park in Italy

Built for Duke Pier Francesco Orsini from 1548 to 1580, the park houses 30 sculptures, including Hercules, Aphrodite, Cerberus, and an underworld-oriented house and gate.

03.“Mount of the Cross” in Lithuania

It is reminiscent of an old cemetery, but it is a Catholic place of worship, and people believe that if a cross is placed here, their wishes will be fulfilled. He is said to have recovered quickly.

04.The “Hand of the Desert” in Chile

The 11-meter-long [10 m] monument in Chile symbolizes loneliness, injustice, and helplessness.

05.The Akigahara Forest in Japan

This is also known as the “Suicide Forest” because of Japanese people’s willingness to come to this place to commit suicide. For this reason, the authorities do everything possible to prevent it. What is unique about this is that the working methods such as mounting have been followed for this.

06.The ghost town of Ordos Kangbashi in China

It has been called a ghost town due to financial problems such as high property prices, making it an uninhabited area. The city, which was created for about 2 million people, still has about 20,000. Twenty thousand out of two million is the mini part. This city is known as a ghost town because of its small size and lonely nature.

07.Spot Lake in Canada

The lake is located in British Columbia. The Okanagan people also call it Kliluk, and the lake looks like this because of the high concentrations of magnesium sulfate, silver, calcium, and titanium.

08.The Darwaza Gas Basin in Turkmenistan

This crater, also known as the “Gateway to Hell,” was formed in 1971 due to a landslide/landslide during an exploration. Geologists estimate that the gas has been burning for 46 years, although it should have been completely extinguished in a few days, attracting tourists, photographers, and researchers.

09.Sedlek Osuri of the Czech Republic (Kostnis V Sedlcy)

Zelek Osuri, or Church of All Saints, is located in the cemetery of Kutner Hora in Ched. The interior is decorated with human bones and is a popular tourist destination.

10.The island of Poveglia in Italy

Legend has it that plagues were sent to Poveglia for execution and that restless spirits still roamed the area. It is said that a psychiatric hospital was run here from 1922 to 1968 and that the chief physician who examined the patients later went insane and committed suicide by jumping from the tower. The island remains the same to this day.

11.The “Hoya Forest” in Romania

According to urban legends, prolonged stay in the forest is said to cause nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. This is the strange nature of the forest and the strange events that sometimes take place in it. So people consider this a mysterious forest.

12.Overtown Bridge in Scotland

This bridge in Dumbarton’s city is a disgraceful place because dogs jump to their deaths in one place on this bridge. This place is often the last two gaps to its right. Although initially thought to be the work of a mysterious invisible force, it was later discovered that there was a large amount of urine in some of the moose and rats in this area and that some of the liquids in them were severely affecting the dogs, so that the dogs jumped off the bridge unconsciously and carelessly.

13.Christ in the Abyss

Three statues created as part of an art exhibition in 1965 have sunk to the Mediterranean Sea’s bottom. One copy is off the coast of Florida. Surrounded by the ocean floor’s whiteness, these statues evoke a mystical feeling in the human mind.

14.Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island, commonly known as Gunkanjima, was famous for its coal mines at the time. More than 5,000 people lived here in the 1960s, and people left the island in 1974 after the coal mines closed.