12 little tricks that will allow you to control your body yourself

Imagine that you are having a sudden headache while trying to go to a very important interview or meeting, or you suddenly feel the need to go to the toilet while traveling on a bus. We are very helpless in situations like this. We don’t carry a lot of medicine with us wherever we go. But there are some tricks that will allow you to control your own body. Would you accept if you said you knew a lot about things like this?

Well, what to do if you suddenly have hiccups? You drink seven gulps of water without breathing, right? You know a lot of things like that. We also know that they work just fine. Today we bring you a few tricks that will help you control your body when you need it.

01.Massage the big toe of your foot for a headache

The transverse areas of the head are located on the big toe of your feet and on both sides. That’s why when you touch the big toe of the feet, the pain in your head and neck is reduced.

02.Blow on the big toe when you need to calm down

Sometimes it happens that for some reason your heart rate increases and you feel restless. All you have to do is blow your thumb to calm yourself down. When the big toe is blown, air flows through the blocked ducts, stimulating the nerves that relieve the heart pressure.

Also, your big toe has its own pulse, and when you blow your finger, your body pulse coincides with that pulse.

03.Hold a pencil between your teeth and improve your mood

When a pencil is held between the teeth, your smile muscles become active, which then gives your brain an illusion of pleasure, thereby increasing the secretion of the hormone that causes the enemy.

04.Touch the ear when biting the throat

When you touch your ear, a stimulus in the throat causes the throat muscles to tighten, thus relieving the itching and pain in the throat.

05.Prevent nausea by squeezing the thumb

Applying more pressure to a certain area of your hand can reduce nausea, and the easiest way is usually to tighten the thumb with the rest of the fingers.

06.Stop bleeding from the nose by tightening the gums on your upper lip

It is believed that when you tighten your gums, the blood vessels that carry blood to your nose become blocked.

07.Fold the head down to swallow the hard pills

After taking a pill and drinking water, people usually bend their backs, but it is better to bend the neck forward. Then the pill you drink floats on the water you swallow.

08.Turn the neck to the sides to reduce numbness in the arms

Numbness and numbness in the arms can be caused by tightening of the muscles in your neck during a good night’s sleep. Loosen the tightness of your neck muscles by turning the neck to the sides.

09.Dip your hands in cold water to reduce headaches

Tightening your blood vessels due to cold reduces the pressure they put on the nerves. The hands do this because the muscles in the hands are in direct contact with the brain.

10.Cough to reduce fear of injections or blood transfusions

When you cough, your brain’s attention is automatically diverted. Also, when you cough, your blood pressure rises slightly and your pain decreases slightly.

11.Reduce toothache by placing an ice cube on the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger

This part of the hand is made up of a number of nerves that provide pain sensations to the brain. Placing an ice cube restricts this pain from traveling to the brain.

12.Raise your arms above your head to reduce hiccups

When you raise your arms, your great diaphragm returns to its original shape.

If you are familiar with such methods in addition to the ones mentioned here, do not forget to mention them.