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10 Ways to Stop Hiccups

Hiccups often occur suddenly and go away quickly. But sometimes it can become a serious problem that bothers me again and again. Psychiatrists believe that hiccups are caused by the sudden contraction of the parietal spine (without control of the mind). At the same time, the larynx contracts, blocking the passage of air. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Charles Osborne (1892-1991) was a man who suffered from hiccups for 68 years. Think about how much his pain was. But since we hope you do not fall into that trap, here are some strategies to help you avoid it.

01.Close both ears

Put your fingers in both ears and hold for 20-30 seconds. Or push the two smooth spots on the skull below the earlobes. It sends a relaxation signal through the vagus nerve connected to the diaphragm.

02.Take a sip

Drinking water through a straw relaxes the nerves. The same effect can occur with gargling with water. This method usually stops hiccups after drinking a few sips. But it may also be necessary to try several times.

03.Close both ears and drink water by throat (both at once)

As you drink water from a tube, close both ears. What separates you from this action is actually pushing the travel nerves with uninterrupted swallowing.

04.Breathe into a paper bag

This mechanism increases the partial pressure of the carbon dioxide in the blood, allowing the diaphragm to absorb deeper, more oxygen. But if you have a headache-like discomfort, this should be stopped.

05.Honey and lemon

Drinking lemonade or sweetened with hot water stimulates the nervous system, which in turn relieves hiccups. Traveling nerves run from your brain to your stomach. Researchers believe that this nerve stimulation causes hiccups. Therefore, hiccups will disappear when the nerve is restored using this simple action.

06.A teaspoon of sweetener

A spoonful of sugar or peanut butter will help stop the hiccups. Chewing and swallowing alkaloids change the breathing movement of the abdomen, which eliminates hiccups.

07.Put your tongue out

The sound you feel here may be strange, but it is a solution to hiccups. Tongue sticking out opens the area between the root of the throat and the vocal chords, shortening the spasm that causes hiccups.

08.Use a pencil

Take a pencil and hold it horizontally in your mouth and try to drink a few gulps from a glass of water. Do not let the pencil fall out of your mouth. This can be difficult, but it’s a good way to stop hiccups.

09.Inhale quickly. Exhale slowly

To use this technique, you have to inhale as much air as possible. Now breathe in slowly for 30 seconds. Repeat until your hiccups stop. Although we have a lot of experience, hiccups are a mysterious condition. The above treatments may help you. However, long-term hiccups can have a cause, so you may need to seek medical help.