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10 serious diseases revealed by changes in the feet

Although we can usually see something like a wound on our body, we cannot immediately identify some of our ailments. Most serious illnesses are diagnosed after they have caused severe damage to the body. But did you know that when all these diseases occur, our body begins to undergo various changes? This means that certain things in our bodies that we do not pay much attention to can be symptoms of a severe illness. Often changes in your legs can help you identify some of the internal ailments. So in today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the diseases that can be identified by such changes in the feet.

01.Kidney disorders

Symptoms: Swelling of the legs
Pain like an electric shock in some organs

Kidney disease is a disease that afflicts many people in our country today. Swelling in the legs can sometimes be a symptom of a feeling that your kidneys are not working correctly. Because the kidneys are not functioning correctly, the body will not be able to excrete excess fluid. This causes swelling. If you have swelling around your eyes and legs, and there is pain like electric shocks in some parts of the body, this can also be a sign of kidney disease.

02.Venous insufficiency

Symptoms : Swelling of the legs
The weight of the feet

Veins are the vessels that carry blood from our organs to the heart. This means that the blood pumped from the heart to the organs is brought back to the core by these veins. So when these veins are weak or damaged, venous insufficiency occurs. Then it becomes challenging to take the blood back to the heart. This can cause the legs to swell. Swelling is widespread in the ankle area of ​​the portion. The legs may become discolored, which means that the legs may become black, and the legs may become heavy.

03.Liver problems

Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Vascular spider condition

As we said above, if you pay attention to your feet, you will detect several internal diseases earlier. The same is true of liver problems. Swelling of your hands and feet can occur if your liver does not function properly and abnormally. Spider veins can also cause liver problems.


Symptoms : Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally
Injuries to the feet do not heal

Diabetes is a disease that can cause significant damage to your feet. Sometimes injuries to the feet of people with diabetes can even lead to the removal of their feet. Diabetes does not cause pain due to nerve damage, but some wounds do not heal. Therefore, if a foot injury does not heal for a long time, it is better to pay attention to it.


Symptoms : Pale skin
the pain
Muscle weakness

Like veins, arteries are the other type of blood vessels in the circulatory system. This is done by taking blood from the heart to the organs. So due to the narrowing of the arteries, the amount of blood supplied to your feet is limited and they can turn pale and cause pain.